Day Care

  • Do you have to leave your dog at home all day whilst you work?
  • Does your dog need to make some new canine friends?
  • Do you want to get your puppy out on walks to experience new environments & meet other dogs?
  • Worried about coming home to accidents if you leave your dog home alone all day?

At our day care we can help your canine friend socialise and  have fun during the day, instead of them being at home alone missing you.

COST: From ¬£18 per day depending on size and hours. Puppies extra ¬£1 per day until toilet trained.

HOURS: From 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Puppy training 

Behaviour training

Guaranteed not to be left

Always supervised

2 varied walks a day rain or shine depending on size of dog

Age range from 8 weeks

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